Fiat Chrysler Recalls 1.25 Million Trucks

On Friday, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles made the official announcement that it would recall over 1.25 million pickup trucks. The company issued the recall globally and the reason for it is a software problem. This move comes after a number of reports talked about a person dying in a crash and two people getting injured.

A worldwide recall

It is a high possibility that this software error could temporarily disable the truck’s side airbag and seat belt. This might be happening especially during a rollover of the truck, caused by an impact coming from underneath it. For example, when the truck hits debris on the road or when someone drives it off-road. At least this is what the Italian-American automaker said.

In order to address and correct this software error, the company is reportedly planning to reprogram the computer modules. But in those vehicles which have the problem. According to the automaker, this recall affects thousands of trucks from United States, Canada, Mexico and about 21,530 outside North America. Fiat Chrysler also said that this worldwide recall is going to begin in June. The company also said that if people encounter this problem or feel like the vehicle might not respond well, they can try turning it off and then on again. However, this is only a temporary measure.

Problems with some trucks

According to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Fiat Chrysler began investigating this issue back in December last year. Back then, the company received a notice. It was about a crash which involved a 2014 Ram 1500 truck. According to reports, the airbag of the vehicle did not deploy on time during a rollover crash. This is reportedly a glitch in the safety system of the trucks. Fiat also stated that it is aware of one crash in which a person died. Also, two other people were seriously wounded, because of this same error.

This is the biggest recall of Fiat Chrysler since the one from May last year. Back then, the company recalled about 4.3 million 2004-2012 model year trucks. They needed to replace their front-passenger air bag inflaters after a recommendation from supplier Takata Corp. The latter had trouble with the airbags, which often failed to open therefore leading to many death and injuries.

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