Flippy, the Burger-Flipping Robot, Gets Hired at Caliburger

California-based fast-food franchise Caliburger has recently announced that it has found the perfect replacement to fill in the grill cook position – a burger-flipping robot that can make approximately 150 burgers per hour and who’s more than willing to undertake this menial job.

Flippy Dubbed the World’s First Burger-Flipping Robot

According to John Miller, Cali Group’s CEO, the company has finally found a permanent solution to the burger flipper crisis. Described by Miller as being an underpaid and dirty position, it’s no wonder that employees resign after only a short while.

Also, finding a replacement can prove to be costly on long-term. And so, the company team up with Miso Robotics in an attempt to figure out a way out of this situation. The result is Flippy, a fully-automated robot, that is more than willing to take up the job.

Equipped with the latest doodads in terms of 3D cameras and artificial intelligence, Flippy can flip burgers all day long without taking a breather. Miller said that the project is still its infancy, as Flippy still needs a human handler to finish the burger.

The robot, whose production cost roughly $100,000, takes the burger patties and places them on the grill. Using its highly-advanced thermal sensors, Flippy will turn the patties to ensure that they’re well done. Once it finishes with the patties, Flippy will pass them over to its human colleague who will add the missing ingredients.


Though some of the company’s employees see in Flippy a possible threat to their jobs, Miso and Cali Group assured them that the robot is only there to make their jobs easier and not to take it away from them.

In the nearby future, the burger-flipping robot will be able to take over all burger-cooking stages, without the help of a human assistant.

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