Ford to Recall 1.34 Million Trucks for Door Issue

According to an official Wednesday announcement from Ford Motor Co, the company has taken the decision to recall 1.34 million trucks. These are the 2015-17 Ford F-150 and 2017 Ford Super Duty and the recall will only affect the North American continent. It seems like the manufacturer wants to add water shields to the latches of the side doors for safety. All this process will reportedly cost the company about $267 million.

According to the second most important automaker in the United States, they have received reports about latches on certain vehicles that have frozen. Also, about actuation cables that have bent. Because of these issues, the door of the truck might not open or close normally. Hence the desire of Ford to fix it as soon as possible.

Ford will recall a large number of trucks

According to Elizabeth Weigandt, a Ford spokeswoman, customers will receive a notification about the recall next month. However, the company still doesn’t have a timetable to make sure when all the parts are going to be available.

It’s interesting that since 2016, the company has recalled over 5 million cars because of issues with the door latches. However, it seems like this recent problem is completely different than the other one. Weigandt also explained that data made the company issue a recall immediately. As for the large cost of the recall, the company says that it will be reflected in the results of the fourth-quarter.

As for accidents, Ford says it hasn’t received any reports, but this doesn’t mean that they should wait for some. Because of this issue, at times, the door of the truck might seem closed when it actually isn’t. This could increase the risk of accidents and the door opening while driving. On Wednesday, Ford’s shared fell about 0.7%. It remains to be seen if this recall will affect the company in any way.

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