Authorities Debunked Freak Crane Accident

Crane accident
A similar crane accident took place in Tribeca, New York at the beginning of 2016.

On the 6th of February, 2016 an unsecured crane topples under its own weight. In the crane accident, a construction worker, later identified as David Wichs, lost his life. Since the accident, authorities have begun a thorough investigation to determine why the 565-foot crane collapsed.

At the beginning of December, New York City’s Department of Building announced that the official inquiry regarding the crane accident has been concluded and that they’ve been able to establish the cause that led to the death of a construction worker.

According to the documents published by NY’s Department of Building, the crane’s operator – who was yet to be identified – failed to secure the crane the night before the accident. The investigators reported that the operator left the crane in a hurry after his shift was over.

In his haste, the operator failed to properly secure the crane, although the protocols are very clear on this issue. In addition, the investigators declared that the crane operator set the crane’s boom at an improper angle.

The boom’s improper angle destabilized the crane, leading to the freak accident which occurred on the morning of the next day, in which Davin Wichs, a construction worker, lost his life.

It would also seem that the NY’s Department of Building wasn’t the only newyorkese authority involved in this investigation. A commission from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration conducted a separate investigation to determine why the crane crushed the construction worker.

At the beginning of December, the commission published its finds roughly at the same time as NY’s Department of Building. According to their statements, their conclusion matches the one proposed by the department.

The crane did not fall as a result of a mechanical failure, but because of human error. The Department of Building declared that the crane operator’s work license had been canceled after the results were published.

However, the operator has yet to be identified. The freakish crane accident took place in Tribeca, a neighborhood located in Lower Manhattan of the 5th of February. Fortunately, no one else was injured in the incident.

UPDATE – Police identified the crane operator as being Kevin Reilly. It would also seem that before coming to work for the company, he was arrested three times during the ‘80s for driving under the influence of alcohol. However, it would seem that the operator wasn’t drunk while controlling the crane.

Image source: Wikipedia

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