French Shoppers Acting ‘Like Animals’ over Nutella Sale

Nutella jar beside loaf of breadFrench shoppers nearly killed one another after a supermarket chain decided to offer the spread at a 70% discounted price. While authorities said the Nutella sale caused “riots” nationwide, some people described the experience as an “orgy”.

Intermarche stores offered a 950g jar containing the popular chocolate spread at a special price of €1.41, when the original retail price is €4.50. The promotion lasted from Thursday through Sunday.

Immediately after the supermarket publicized the sale, queues began forming as early as Thursday morning, with hundreds of people waiting for the stores to open the doors.

The staff said they saw customers breaking other products on the shelves and pushing one another out of the way to get to their favorite chocolate treat. An Intermarche employee told the French magazine Le Monde that shoppers were rushing in and shoving past everything.

Another employee likened the experience to an orgy and said the store’s management was very close to calling the police.

Shoppers Were ‘Like Animals’

Online videos of people snatching Nutella jars surfaced online after the incident. Some stores did call the police as shoppers started physically attacking one another over the discounted product.

They are like animals. A woman had her hair pulled, an elderly lady took a box to her head, another had a bloody hand. It was horrible,

one shopper told French reporters.

A store labeled the sale as a “catastrophe”. Staffers recall that some customers came the night before the sale to hide Nutella jars in various places to prevent other customers from buying them.

Another store reported that the jars were sold out in less than 15 minutes. One employee recalls that he was trying to get in between the shoppers, but he couldn’t. One customer left the store with a black eye.
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