Get a Free Frylus with Your McDonald’s Meal on National Selfie Day

This Thursday, Americans are celebrating National Selfie Day, which is a great opportunity for companies to develop clever marketing campaigns. McDonald’s took advantage of it and decided to offer people a nice accessory for free. Together with a Quarter Pounder, you will receive a Frylus for dirt-free selfies.

Celebrate National Selfie Day accordingly

Every day, there’s a new holiday or celebration so that we can enjoy all the nice things in life. These holidays instantly get better if you receive special goodies. Therefore, many companies decided to take advantage of it. On Thursday, it’s National Selfie Day, and surprises are waiting for all photography enthusiasts.

McDonald’s wants to let customers have fun on this day, so it’s offering special free items. This is a Frylus, an item that will let you take selfies even when your hands are dirty. The Frylus is a long yellow piece of plastic that lets you press the selfie button on your smartphone while you are enjoying your meal. As you have reckoned, the object is a stylus that looks a lot like a French fry.

You get the Frylus for free if you buy a Quarter Pounder

McDonald’s explained that, since it’s National Selfie Day, people might want to celebrate accordingly. Since taking selfies can be messy when you’re eating, the fast food chain is offering the Frylus that keeps your dirty fingers away from your screen.

However, this campaign is not only about selfies. McDonald’s has recently launched a new Quarter Pounder, so it needs to attract people to buy it. Therefore, the Frylus will come for free only if you order a Quarter Pounder or a Double Quarter Pound. The promotion is available only on June 21st in 2,000 selected stores.

If you want such a tool, you should hurry up. The promotion is available as long as there are available supplies. McDonald’s revealed there should be around 100,000 Frylus tools in stores, and some promotions might also include phone stands.

Image source: Pixabay

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