Gender and Political Views Influence How You Tip

According to a new study from, it appears like gender and political preference highly influence how much you tip at restaurants, when you go out. So, a man who prefers the Republican party and who usually pays with a credit card might be the best candidate when it comes to a high tip. In order to reach this conclusion, the website and a team of experts from Princeton University analyzed around 1.000 adult people in the United States. They came to the conclusion that men usually leave a higher tip, those who are Republicans, and also people who prefer to pay using a credit or debit card. These categories of people leave about 20% of the bill as a tip.

Gender and political views linked to tipping

At the same time, the same study claim that women, Democrats and those who usually pay in cash leave only about 15% of the bill as tip. So, what exactly makes some people leave a higher tip than others? Matt Schulz, senior analyst at is saying that probably it all depends on how much money you make. Normally, a person with a higher income will leave a higher tip. It’s interesting to note that there is also a tipping etiquette which not many people know about. According to experts, clients should tip at least 15 to 20% for one evening at a restaurant.

The good news is that around half of the people taking part in the survey did this. Still, there is a type of clients who usually eat at dine-in restaurants and who don’t leave any tip. Schulz said that the high number of people who tip over 20% surprised him. The very high number of people who don’t tip at all also surprised him.

The perfect tip is between 15 and 20%

Tipping has become something normal in the United States. It helps the waiters a lot and sometimes, it even pays their bills. It’s something deeply rooted in the American culture to leave some extra money for the good service you’ve been offered. However, it seems like there are still people who don’t do this. And they should not be surprised when next time they visit the restaurant, they will not get the best service.

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