The Ghost Town of Cerro Gordo in California Is Up for Sale

People passionate about history might soon be able to fulfill their long-lost dreams, as a ghost town in California is now up for sale. After being privately owned for several decades, the town of Cerro Gordo is looking for a new owner for the price of $925,000. This is a great deal, as a house in San Francisco is a lot more expensive.

The ghost town is up for sale for a reasonable price

Cerro Gordo used to be an important mining center in California. Now, it has turned into a historical ghost town that appeals to all vintage fans. If you are a history fan, you can take advantage of the situation and purchase it, since its owners put it up for sale for $925,000.

Cerro Gordo was founded in 1865 as a place for mining workers to live. By 1869, it became well-known as the main lead and silver producer in California. Cerro Gordo was the most important silver supplier for Los Angeles. The inhabitants used mules to transport the metals to the city, so this small enclave helped Los Angeles develop.

Cerro Gordo is an enclave in time

Throughout time, it preserved 22 vintage structures dating back to the Civil War era. There, you will see all kinds of buildings typical to a western town, such as a chapel, a saloon, or an old-school hotel. The town is situated right in the Owens Valley near the Sierra Mountains. It is spreading over a surface of 312 acres, with 24,000 square feet occupied by buildings.

Cerro Gordo Historical Foundation took care of the town over these decades and helped with their preservation. Apart from all the historical buildings that look like they did 100 years ago, the town also has a museum. There, the foundation has gathered artifacts, vintage machines, and all kinds of objects. If you want to give more people the chance to visit Cerro Gordo, you can become its owner.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

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