Giant Rabbit Owners Seek Payment from United Airlines

Simon, a giant rabbit which had the potential to become the biggest one in the world, died during a United Airlines flight from London’s Heathrow Airport to Chicago. The tragedy happened on April 20. Now, according to what the lawyer of Simon’s owners said on Monday, United Airlines still has not offered an official explanation as to why the rabbit died. The company also failed to say why they cremated Simon immediately after it passed.

United Airlines faces legal action

Des Moines Attorney Guy Cook is representing a group from Iowa which bought Simon, a continental giant rabbit. According to him, his clients want an explanation as to why they cremated Simon so quickly. It happened even before a necropsy or a post-mortem examination. Cook reportedly sent a letter to Unite Airlines on May 4th, but still has not received an answer. The company only said that the situation is being analyzed by the airline’s lawyers. It is really problematic that United has done nothing to settle the situation. This is not only about Simon the rabbit, but about the way in which the airline treats its customers’ pets.

Meanwhile, United Airlines spokesman Charles Hobart stated that the company reached an agreement with Simon’s breeder. Her name is Annette Edwards, from the United Kingdom. As for the letter which the owners sent, he said that Edwards, as a United customer, refused a post-mortem examination of the rabbit. He refused to answer any other question.

United Airlines in trouble

Des Moines Attorney Guy Cook also explained that the group which bought Simon wanted to bring him at the Iowa State fair this summer. It owners reportedly wanted to take Simon to lots of other cities and raise money for the fair. They are also requesting money from the airline, about $2,300 for the costs of buying and transporting Simon.

United Airlines has been in a lot of trouble recently. A scandal erupted when a video of a passenger being removed from a United airplane surfaced on the internet. The man suffered some injuries but reportedly reached an agreement with the company. The airline also became subject of controversy when it did not allow two young girls into a flight. The reason was that they were wearing leggings.

Image source: wikimedia

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