The Google AI Isn’t for Unethical Purposes, but the Company Keeps Working with the Military

Several thousands of Google employees have organized a protest against the company’s decision to continue its collaboration with the US military. People were worried some technologies might end up serving some unethical purposes, so the tech giant felt the need to intervene. It assured everyone Google AI would never be used in violation of human rights or for the development of weapons. However, the company won’t stop working with the military.

Google revealed a set of rules for its AI

As artificial intelligence is becoming more popular, people are getting more worried about its potential purposes. Given the recent employee protest, Google felt the need to calm everybody down. The company has just revealed a set of strict rules it is going to follow.

This list contains seven main objectives of Google AI. Among them, there is the company’s wish to be socially beneficial, or the avoidance of bias and unfair treatment. To make things even clearer, the company revealed what they will not use the AI for. Therefore, this technology is not meant to work as a weapon, to monitor people or violate any of their basic human rights.

The tech giant will still not end its collaboration with the Pentagon

However, the company didn’t completely fulfill the wishes of its employees. The Google AI is not for weapon, but the tech giant won’t end any collaborations with the US military force. Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, said the only purpose of the Google AI in this case is to interpret images and improve the recognition of unknown aerial objects.

However, the news is somehow comforting. The collaboration that outraged the employees was Project Maven between Google and the Pentagon. This project will expire next year, and Google said it would not renew it when this happens. However, it insisted on stressing the Google AI is not violating any human rights, even if it’s not clear how the project agrees to the aforementioned rules.

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