Google Closes Important Deal with HTC

Once upon a time, there were three big titans in the smartphone design business. The first, Nokia, broke apart after Microsoft bought it some time ago. Then it’s Apple which…is Apple. But another company, Google, may be on to something big here. It recently bought the third important company, HTC, with $1.1 billion. Why did Google do this? It’s fairly simple. Because HTC has one of the best smartphone designs out there, as well as very good smartphones.

Also, Google is getting closer and closer to becoming a respectable hardware company. So, it decided to buy both the design and engineering team at HTC.

Google is getting serious

This story began back in 2016, when Google decided to re-hire Rick Osterloh, the Motorola boss, to lead the newly-formed hardware division. Fast forward a few months and advertisements for the Google Pixel smartphone were everywhere around the cities in Europe and United States. We may want to beat around the bush, but it’s right there, in front of our eyes. Google is discreetly declaring war to Apple.

Now, everyone knows how many excellent apps is Google creating for Apple’s iOS operating system. But this doesn’t have anything to do with the big plan. The iPhone stays in the way of Google’s dreams of ruling every device in this world that has an internet connection.

Also, there are a few things which make this upcoming battle feel closer than ever. Siri, Apple’s voice assistant, searches with Bing, not with Google. Also, if you have an iPhone you will search for a place to eat on Apple Maps, not on Google Maps. Also, Apple now struggles to break the Google chains and has already created some independent services like Apple Music, or the iCloud. At the same time, Google does the exact same thing, but not with apps. With much better smartphones.

The war to come

Knives are being sharpened and the days of peace are gone. Since hiring Osterloh, Google has been trying to surpass Apple in every way possible. It’s practically everything it has been doing ever since. The HTC team already built the first generation of Pixels. So, couldn’t they have done it again? No, because competition is tough and Google wants to have control over what is going on inside its business. With this deal, it will be doing just that. Game on!

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