Google Cancelling Employee Meeting for Fear of Harassment

On Thursday, Google reportedly cancelled an employee meeting. During it, some of the executives were supposed to talk about the efforts the company made regarding diversity at the workplace. The executives took this decision after numerous employees made their online harassment concerns known. A certain memo is at the heart of this situation, one which a software engineer reportedly wrote. In it, he explains how the fact that women cannot manage stress so well and have higher anxiety issues contributes to their smaller number in leading roles within the company. It’s worth noting that on Monday, Google actually fired the author, James Damore. The company said that he promoted some stereotypes concerning gender and biological differences between men and women.

Employee meeting cancelled

This is the main reason why on Thursday, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai announced staff members via an email that he had cancelled the meeting. It’s interesting that he took this decision with only half an hour before it was supposed to begin. In the message, the CEO was saying that he decided to cancel the meeting because some questions from the company’s moderator system have been made public. He mentioned that there are websites which now know some employees by name. So, many of them were reportedly writing to him, very concerned about the fact that their answers might become pubic too.

It’s important to note that the company received a lot of questions from its employees, prior to the meeting. Most of them had to do with Damore’s memo as people were asking what would happen to those who spoke against it. There were also some questions concerning Google’s capacity to convince people that it doesn’t treat women and certain minorities differently. Also, this week, the company became involved in yet another scandal. Reportedly, Breitbart News obtained screenshots of messages from Google employees. In those, they were discussing how to put certain people on the blacklist. The reason was their refusal to support the company’s diversity initiatives.

A scandal

After coming back from vacation, Pichai held a meeting at the company’s headquarters. During it, he explained that many people agreed to fire Damore. However, others expressed concern regarding their inability to speak their minds. This issue hangs in the balance for now, and it remains to be seen what will happen next.

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