Google Pixelbook is All about Chrome

The new $999 Pixelbook from Google has been the subject of many debates and questions. Who could pay so much on a laptop that can only run the Chrome browser and some Android apps? With what devices is it made to compete? The MacBook or the iPads? And most importantly, what was Google thinking when it made it? Well, these are some fairly difficult questions to provide answers to. Mainly because everybody needs different things from a laptop.

Some push it to the limit with video editing or gaming. Others only use it to edit photos or write. But let’s be fair. Most of us don’t need a very powerful laptop for what we are using them for. However, there are some out there who really need something more from their machine. This is where the root of the problem is.

The new Pixelbook from Google

For starters, Google Pixelbook is a convertible laptop that is superbly designed and works brilliantly. When you close it it’s only half an inch thick, made entirely out of aluminum and gorilla glass and has a very good and sufficiently backlit keyboard.

The laptop combines symmetry and functionality in a superb way. Also, the keyboard deck comes with a white panel and the palm rests are entirely made out of silicone. It may not seem like such a good idea, but Google assures buyers that it will not get dirty or yellow in time.

The 12.3-inch touchscreen is great and has a sufficient brightness that it can be used in sunlight. However, it’s a bit too reflective. Also, another problem would be the large bezels around it. According to Google, they’re there to make it easier for you to use it while in tablet mode. However, there are other convertible laptops out there who don’t have those enormous bezels and still work fine as tablets.

As for hardware, it might be the best that came out this year. When it comes to software, it’s the best thing you can use if you like Chrome. The apps also run very nicely. All in all, this is surely an excellent laptop. It’s not perfect, but it can surely handle most of your tasks without problems.

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