Google Offers Full Refund For Defective Pixel Phone

It looks like Google’s last resort is to offer a full refund to users who have defective Google Pixel phones. No one had been aware of Pixel’s audio issues until several Pixel owners, including Mark Buckman, reported the problems.

The company officials thought at first that the issue was limited only to the Google Pixel XL line-up, but recent reports revealed that the other models were affected too. Buckman posted a video of his defective device.

At a higher volume, the unit started distorting sounds. As such, Buckman did the same thing with two other devices: a Nexus 6 and a Pixel to see whether there was any difference. As it turned out, the Nexus model had no audio issues, but the Pixel smartphone had.

The company gave Buckman a replacement several times, but the next five Pixel XL devices kept having the same audio issues. Although the tech giant is fully aware of this malfunction in its smartphones, the engineers haven’t figured out a way yet to fix the devices.

According to Orrin, one of the Pixel Community Managers, Google experts have started a comprehensive investigation in order to fix the defective devices. In other words, owners will have to wait a while until the company finds a solution.

Even if Buckman and other owners hoped that their smartphones would be fixed, Google decided that their best option is to get a full refund after returning the defective units. According to Buckman, Google’s team didn’t even try to take a look at the smartphones which he sent back.

Instead, they immediately offered him replacements. Buckman and other Pixel owners are disappointed with Google’s decision, saying that they would rather use the devices with audio issues and wait for a fix, instead of getting a refund.

Now, Buckman has to buy another smartphone because Google’s refund proves that the company isn’t quite sure yet that it can deal with the audio issues in the Pixels. In other words, Google officials might come to the conclusion that the Google Pixel line-up is beyond repair.

In this case, the customers will get a full refund. Also, Google might not be able to catch up with other smartphone manufacturers, including Apple and Samsung.

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