Google Search Now Provides Tips Based on What You’re Reading

A new iOS feature for the Google Search app began rolling out on Tuesday. It may not sound like something very exciting, but it’s a feature which will surely be very useful. Now, every time a user is on a web page, the app will make suggestions based on what they are currently reading. What does this mean? Well, you will now be able to find the answers to certain questions you might have. It will also provide material for your interests. Moreover, it will have an entire collection of favorite topics for you to scroll through.

A new feature for Google Search

It’s important to know that the more you choose to use the app, the more information it will collect on your preferences. This will make the experience even more personalized. If anything, the new feature is yet another reason for users to spend an even longer time in-app. This will happen because you won’t need to exit it anymore to go to a web browser and search for related news or topics.

How does it work? Fairly simple. Once you’ve reached the end of a certain article, you can swipe back up. If you do that, you’ll see a “People also view” option. Swipe left, and you will be able to see even more articles related to the subject you’re interested in. If you don’t want that or don’t have the time to read more articles, the window will disappear. However, if you choose an article from that list, you’ll simply need to tap on it. You will stay in the app and spend a lot more time than you might have done before.

Surely, this feature was meant as a way to help readers make a more in-depth research on the topics they like. The list with similar articles will constantly be refreshed unless you have read all the material that exists on that topic.

Help for a more in-depth research

It’s interesting that just last month, a similar feature was released but for the image search results. It worked the same and was also meant for a more in-depth research. So, if you were searching for a specific item, a small icon would also provide you with GIFs, videos, and other things. For now, this feature is only available in the United States, on the iOS.

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