Google Now has Updated Street View Cameras

According to some reports, Google has decided that it was time for an upgrade in regards with the big Street View cameras. So now, after eight years, the company has tweaked the design of those cameras. It seems like the new equipment will be far more advanced and will be able to capture images of a much higher quality. Also, their resolution will be higher and the colors more visible. Even if the cameras will be a bit different, the rig will still go on a car’s roof. Another change is that now, you will not see that large ball on top of a car. It will be much smaller and will hold just seven cameras with twenty megapixel sensors. The old ball held fifteen different cameras.

After eight years

It’s also interesting to note that these new cameras will use Google’s artificial intelligence technology, along with machine learning. So, thanks to those qualitative images, Google Street View will now be able to detect various street names and numbers. Moreover, it will immediately add those to the database. Moreover, now the names of various business buildings and certain logos will not be a mystery anymore. The AI system will recognize those too.

It’s interesting that Google wants to go even a bit further in the near future. The company wants to make sure that if a certain store interests you, then you will be able to see small signs like the opening hours. This advanced technology might also be very useful for Google’s ambitious machine learning technology. Also, it might be able to make its Assistant and Search functions much better, in time. Jen Fitzpatrick, the vice president of Google, says that soon, Google Maps will become of huge help to the users.

Google Maps will become very useful

Fitzpatrick also says that Google Maps might be able to tell users about certain specific things they’re looking for. For example, if they want to know the exact name of a store that’s right at the intersection of those two streets, Maps will offer that information. However, this will only be possible with a richer database. Google Street View began its activity back in 2007 and it doesn’t only operate with cars. It also has trikes, a trolley for indoor places and even snow mobiles.

Image source: flickr

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