Mindy Grossman Is the New CEO of Weight Watchers

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Mindy Grossman will be the new CEO of Weight Watchers

The Weight Watchers company announced on Wednesday that they will have a new chief executive officer. Mindy Grossman, who is currently the CEO of Home Shopping Network, will soon become the leader of the weight loss company. This prompted an increase in the shares of the company.

This marks the end of the transition period that Weight Watchers passed through. Last year in September, Jim Chambers resigned from his position as CEO, leaving the company without a leader in the middle of a stagnant moment for their price on the stock market.

Grossman will start as CEO in July. This news has already conquered the critical situation in which the company was, as the investors had a great reaction when they heard it. Thus, they increased the shares of the company by 13 percent.

Mindy Grossman had an outstanding career

Grossman started leading Home Shopping Network in 2008, and brought the company to immense success. Also, she became one of the iconic personalities in the industry of e-commerce. She greatly increased the number of viewers of the home shopping channel by broadcasting live concerts or collaborating with celebrities like Serena Williams or P. Diddy.

Thus, she succeeded in increasing the number of viewers of the TV channel. Also, the revenue reached $3.6 billion, and almost half of it comes only from sales. Grossman always came up with innovations to satisfy the needs of the consumers, and collaborated with the best brands to offer them the best experience.

Grossman has collaborated with Nike, Ralph Lauren and, among others, Tommy Hilfiger, and now the board of Weight Watchers decided to recruit her on their team. Her impressive career determined them to choose her as the leader of the company, as they hope that she will continue collaborating with celebrities, thus improving their image and profit.

Weight Watchers has doubled their shares

Over the years, there were several celebrities who decided to invest in the company, thus increasing the shares and bringing a lot of revenue. Among them, there is Oprah Winfrey, who became a main investor in 2015 and brought a lot of benefits to the company, Jessica Simpson, Jenny McCarthy, and Jennifer Hudson.

The company was found in 1963 and had quite a good financial situation, until they were overshadowed by the rise of fitness trackers. However, they have increased their profit lately and their stock price has doubled. Grossman declared herself excited about working with Weight Watchers, and she cannot wait until she can inspire people to live healthier lives.
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