Hackers Target the Trump Hotels

Everybody knows how United States president Donald Trump is a little bit obsessed with hackers and cyberattacks. He spent the biggest part of last year trying to convince people that some hackers stole important emails. Their reasons for supposedly doing that were surely political, but it seems like there are also other types of hackers. The ones who don’t care about politics and who attacked the system of the Trump Hotels recently. It all actually began in the summer of 2016, when they managed to hack into the system which is taking care of the booking service for about 14 hotels. Interestingly enough, those were not only in the United States, but all over the world, from Scotland to Brazil and Canada.

An attack on Trump Hotels

However, even if some attacks began last summer, most of them happened over the month of November. Not coincidental at all if we think that was exactly when Trump became president of the U.S. Moreover, hackers attacked his hotel in Washington D.C. right one day prior to the presidential election, on November 7. And even if issues at the Trump hotels began last year at a New York city location, attackers didn’t stop until March this year. According to a statement, the hackers wanted to actually attack the Sabre Hospitality Solutions. This is the firm which has the job of making reservations for the hotels. The biggest problem was that the company didn’t announce Trump Hotels about the cyber-attacks until this year in June, when it was already too late.

This is why the attackers managed to obtain credit card numbers from the clients along with expiration dates. Moreover, they also got the names, addresses and numbers of the clients from the system. However, it seems like this was all the data they got.

They happened around the time Trump became president

The reason hackers chose the Trump Hotels to attack should not surprise anyone. Those are very high-class hotels which celebrities and important people often prefer. For example, most of the foreign officials who are visiting usually stay at The Washington Hotel, which is very close to the White House. However, some experts are claiming that this recent attack was actually the third one which targeted the hotels. At the same time, Sabre said that this never happened before and won’t happen ever again.

Image source: wikimedia

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