Heinz Wants to Bring Mayonnaise Ketchup to the United States


Without a doubt, ketchup and mayo are the most popular condiments in the world, being found in almost every household. Although some people enjoy their meals with both condiments, there’s never been one that mixed both goodies, until now. Heinz announced that it would soon bring a new type of condiment to the United States called Mayochup.

Will Heinz Mayochup Become America’s Favorite Condiment?

Ever since Heinz announced Mayochup, a condiment that combines the freshness of ketchup and the yumminess of mayonnaise, social media users have been quick to react.

In just a matter of days, over 700,000 Twitter users voted in favor of bringing the condiment to life. With two days to vote on Heinz’s Mayochup, it would appear that most people are ready to fill their pantry with one more delicious condiment from the Pittsburgh-based food processing company.

Will Heinz’s new condiment be as successful as its other products? Based on the way the US audience usually receives Heinz products, it would appear that the stage is set for Mayochup to make its grand debut.

As for its use, Heinz’s Mayochup can adorn every pizza, burger, or grill dish, not to mention a plateful of seafood goodies.  In terms of profit, Heinz is probably looking to the upper hand, especially after Wall Street’s disastrous quarterly report.

At the end of February, the report shows that the Pittsburg-based company missed its quarterly targeted profit by almost 1.1 percent due to reduced shipments of cold cuts, cheese, and nuts.

Still, economic analysts declared that Heinz’s net income increased to $8 billion at the end of December. This increase is considered significant, taking into account that Heinz’s previously reported net income was $944 million.

As for Heinz’s products, the company reported that its sales for ketchup bumped another 0.3 point percent compared to the previous months.

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