HelloFresh Joins the Ranks of Companies Selling Meal Kits in Stores

Cooking an old-fashioned meal is the best thing you can get when it comes to good food but, unfortunately, you don’t always have time for it. This is precisely why meal kits have gained so much popularity lately. The latest company to distribute and sell such kits is HelloFresh and it will gradually expand its customer network.

HelloFresh starts selling meal kits

When you don’t have time to prepare your food, meal kits are here to save you with a quick solution to keep you from starving. However, they have become the hottest trend of the moment from other reasons. The food delivery business has gained huge popularity, and these kits make everything a lot easier.

Many companies discovered that selling meal kits has a real economic potential. As a result, more of them started selling these products, and the last in line is HelloFresh. This weekend, the company revealed it would start with 581 stores where it would sell these kits. The stores in question include Stop & Shop and Giant Foods but, gradually, HelloFresh should expand its market.

Why are meal kits great?

Here’s the deal with meal kits. They should cost somewhere between $14.99 and $19.99 and should come in various options. Each kit contains all the ingredients for a specific meal and offers a quick way to cook it. This means that, in about 30 minutes, you should have the dish ready.

Certain stores have delivery options available, and this also includes certain meals. Since preparing these meals steals some time from these stores, meal kits are the perfect solution. This opportunity of improving the delivery system can be extremely beneficial for the economy, as it brings serious profit.

Until recently, meal kits were available online, but companies have realized their economic potential. Therefore, they started producing such kits and then make them available in physical stores. Among other companies that took advantage of this, there are Walmart, Blue Apron, or Kroger.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

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