Canadian Company Promotes Hot Dog Water as a Miraculous Cure for Aging

People are easily fooled into trying new things if you tell them they are healthy. A recent event that took place at Car Free Day festival in Canada proves it, as people bought Hot Dog Water. A company bottled unfiltered water where they had previously boiled hot dogs, advertised it as healthy, and sold it for $28.

The campaign advertised Hot Dog Water as miraculous

This weekend, people in Vancouver celebrated the Car Free Day festival, where different booths were exhibited. One of them presented the miraculous Hot Dog Water, which was basically a glass bottle filled with water and with a hot dog inside. According to the sellers, this water could work wonders for your health, such as combat inflammation or reverse the effects of aging.

Apart from Hot Dog Water, the booth presented various other products made of hot dogs. All of them were available for quite big prices, but this didn’t stop people from buying them. Now, it’s clear that such products don’t bring any benefits to your health, so why did the advertisers lie?

Hot Dog Water was actually about sneaky marketing campaigns

Although most people didn’t see it, the Hot Dog Water booth was followed by a small disclaimer. This stated the actual purpose of these products, namely bring some light on different marketing strategies. The campaign should have encouraged people to engage in critical thinking before making a product choice.

However, everyone was charmed by the great promises made by the campaign. Social researchers say people would buy crazy products if they can save them from pain or give them pleasure. In the case of Hot Dog Water, it promised both of these perks. As a result, people no longer thought it’s a bit absurd that processed meat water can keep you young.

The creators of Hot Dog Water also wanted to make a campaign against sneaky sellers. Although it’s a strange way to promote faithful selling, this initiative can tell us a lot about customers.

Image source: Public Domain Pictures

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