IHOP ‘Flips’ Its Name, Leaving Fans Confused

One of the oldest companies known for its delicious pancakes has just used social media to warn its fans of a name change. The International House of Pancakes, more popularly known as IHOP, announced it would soon be called IHOb. However, the tweet offered no clue as to what the B stands for, and fans have now started all kinds of heated debates.

IHOP abandons its iconic name for a twist

For 60 years, IHOP produced the most delicious pancakes that everyone must have tried at least once. The company name was an acronym for the International House of Pancakes and has grown to be an iconic brand. Therefore, the news of a name change has left everyone shocked.

From now on, the iconic IHOP will no longer be called like that. Through a tweet containing a clever pun, the company announced it would flip the P in its name to a B. Therefore, the new name will be IHOb. To keep things interesting and attract the attention of fans, it didn’t reveal what the B stands for.

Fans are now trying to find out what the B stands for

IHOP doesn’t only produce pancakes, but an array of breakfast foods. Therefore, it shouldn’t be too hard to find out why they added the B in their name. However, it’s still hard to find the right answer, and fans made use of social media to make all kinds of debates and suppositions.

Of course, most guesses indicated the word ‘breakfast’ as the source of the B, but could it be the right answer? Some say it’s much too easy, so they came up with other alternatives. Other popular choices were burgers, bagels, bacon, or even brunch. However, we still have to wait a bit until we find out.

Through a smart marketing move, IHOP managed to keep people engaged in the wait. The company said it would reveal the real meaning of the name on June 11th. Until then, the IHOP official website displays a countdown to the big reveal.

Image source: Pixabay

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