IHOP Finally Confirms Where the B in IHOb Comes From

Last week, the International House of Pancakes, or IHOP, took the whole internet by surprise with an unexpected name change. The company ‘flipped’ its name from IHOP to IHOb, which spiced a lot of controversy. After quite a lengthy wait, it has finally confirmed what the B stood for – it was burgers. However, the name change won’t be permanent, and the pancakes won’t go anywhere.

What does the B in IHOb stand for?

Even if it sells all kinds of breakfast foods, IHOP has always been known for its pancakes. The P in its name also stands for pancakes, so people feared they might disappear with the name change. Fortunately, this won’t happen, since this change won’t be permanent.

The shift to IHOb is actually a clever marketing strategy to present some new burgers on the menu. IHOb will introduce an entire new line of burgers called Ultimate Steakburgers. These recipes will include a variety of burgers, including Black Angus beef. On these dishes, you can add whatever toppings you like.

The change spiced plenty of reactions

The name change was an interesting way to attract everyone’s attention to the company. However, it was a bit more than that. Brad Haley, the CMO at IHOP, explained why they took this decision. He said that everyone knows the company for its pancakes and breakfast foods, but not for the other items on the menu.

Therefore, the best way to introduce a line of burgers was to change the name to IHOb. Also, this somehow shifted the company’s status to a place where you don’t only eat breakfast. Since burgers are typical for other moments of the day, IHOP wanted to promote its lunch and dinner meals as well.

If you were worried about your pancakes, you should know they won’t go anywhere. The official company name will remain IHOP, and the change to IHOb won’t last for long. Just like fans suspected, IHOP thought the image of a breakfast place was too powerful, and it needed to change that.

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