Recalled Ikea Dresser Kills Eighth Child

It seems like yet another child was killed by the dreaded dresser from Ikea that the company actually recalled in the summer of last year. This time, the victim was a 2-year old boy from California, Jozef Dudek. He is the eighth child to be killed by this out-of-horror-movies piece of furniture.

According to the lawyer of the boy’s family, the 2-year old was killed back in May. The dresser, which has three drawers, suddenly tipped over while the little boy was sleeping. Daniel J. Mann, the attorney, explained that the piece of furniture simply fell on the child, crushing him. He also explained that the boy’s entire family are completely devastated because of this tragedy.

The Ikea drawer kills yet another child

According to the report from the company, the furniture item can become highly unstable if the owners don’t anchor it to a wall. Swedish company Ikea also said that they offer their deepest condolences to the family of the little boy who died after the drawer fell on him. Also, they continued by stating that the initial investigation revealed that the drawer wasn’t properly anchored to something stable, preferably a wall.

In a way, Ikea didn’t take the blame for this horrifying incident because it was the owners’ fault. They failed to attach the dressing to a wall to keep it in place. So, does this mean that all the previous seven victims did the same thing when they were killed by this piece of furniture?

Actually, the Swedish company has received harsh criticism for failing to make this recall public when it happened. However, Ikea said that while it didn’t send notifications, the recall was publicized in social media. Also, on the internet and on national advertising. According to a spokeswoman for the company, it’s unclear how many of those dressings are still in use at the moment.

Image source: pixabay

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