Instagram Says Bug Gave Data to Hackers

According to what Instagram announced on Wednesday, a dangerous bug which was in the programming interface of the app offered personal information to some hackers. Moreover, the company explained that most of this personal data belonged to some high-profile users, mostly celebrities. The bug reportedly allowed those attackers to get whatever info they wanted from the Instagram programming interface. An Instagram spokesperson said in an official statement that the company has only recently discovered this issue. They managed to find out that one or many attackers succeeded in exploiting this bug.

A dangerous bug in the system

It seems like those hackers obtained illegal access to personal data belonging to a large number of high-profile users. Mainly, they managed to steal those people’s phone numbers and email addresses. But how was this possible? After all, Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. One would think that their security is strong enough to not allow such bugs to exist. Well, it seems it happened. It appears that it all started with a glitch in Instagram’s programming interface, also known as API. This glitch allowed hackers to obtain some codes. Those codes most probably contained phone numbers and email addresses belonging to many Instagram users.

It seems that more people used those codes to get the personal info. However, Instagram reassured people that they have successfully destroyed this bug. Also, that no hackers managed to steal account passwords from those codes. The company, which Facebook now owns, also said that it’s very possible that this bug targeted those high-profile users specifically. Somebody surely wanted to gain access to this personal info in order to ask for ransom in return. It’s a very common practice among hackers, and they especially target celebrities.

Instagram has fixed the bug

According to the same spokesperson, the company has already told its verified users about the issue. The person also encouraged the users to be extra careful about their online security. They should change passwords frequently and choose very complex ones. Also, they should immediately react if something strange happens. The hackers could send anonymous emails, text messages or make phone calls. It’s very important, first and foremost, for us to take care of our own personal information.

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