InstaStories and How to Use Them Like A Pro

When Instagram came up with its Snapchat-inspired Stories feature, the entire world changed. Then, the next big question began popping out: what is cooler now? To take photos or short videos? Or maybe those funny boomergans? It doesn’t even matter, because all those over 250 million users on the platform know their jam and won’t really listen to what’s cooler. However, by doing this, the number of extremely bad and cringy videos has grown a bit too much to be funny anymore. This is why a photojournalist has become a battle to teach people about her experiences regarding InstaStories. Also, how to better make use of them.

A few tips on how to master the InstaStories

One of the first things an Instagram user should know is that it’s much better to take the phots or short videos with the phone’s camera. It’s important to try not to use the in-app camera, because it takes lower resolution photos. While it’s true that your phone’s memory will go down quicker, the Stories will look much nicer. And this is what we want, right?

Another important step you need to take is to save everything that’s going into Stories. You can automatically set the app to do this for you. It’s a nice way of making sure that you don’t lose anything. Also, it can happen to have important stuff in there, which could prove to be crucial for your career or for anything else.

It’s also extremely nice when you are scrolling through Stories and find vertically-shot photos and videos. It can sometimes be a burden to rotate your phone just to look at something that it horizontally placed. So, next time when you’re putting everything there horizontally, don’t wonder why people ignore your stories.

Tips and tricks

The text you add to your stories should be short and straight to the point. Don’t bore people with long tests which cover half of the photo. Also, it’s important to try and upload everything you have in one sitting. The order in which you upload over a day could become a mess and people won’t know where you started and where you ended. Last but not least, tag the people that appear in your Stories and tell them to tag you. You might get new followers like this and subsequently, more views.

Image source: creativenerds


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