Instagram Now has a New Feature called Superzoom

Instagram has recently introduced its new feature called Superzoom. From now on, users will be able to shoot that dramatic zoom cinematic effect, complete with sound effects by only tapping on this new feature. The Superzoom is now available for both version of the app, for iOS and Android. And apart from it, the company made available some new augmented reality masks and Halloween-themed stickers.

Now, apart from the already famous and very popular Boomerangs, Hyperlapses and Layout collages, users will now have access to this new Superzoom option. And it seems like the Instagram and Snapchat battle continues in full force, now that they both have their own sets of augmented reality masks. So, with this new addition, the app is looking to overcome its rival once again by attracting even more users.

Instagram’s new Superzoom features the dramatic zoom sound effect

The new Superzoom feature is fun and very easy to use. You first choose one of the cameras and center the shoot in regards with the reticle that appears. After that, you will just have to watch your work and Instagram will deliver you a dramatic three-stage superzoom. It even adds sound effects and dramatic zoom sound effect so that it feels more authentic and real.

The classic Superzoom video lasts three seconds. However, if you want more, you can make them up to 15 seconds long. It’s a nice addition that can add a special flavor to your selfies or with which you can catch people off guard. As for saving the video, it works as any other type of InstaStory. You can post it, you can directly send it, or you can simply save it in your phone and show it to your friends later.

As for where the idea came from, it seems like the creators noticed people zooming in manually during their stories. So, they came up with something simpler to get rid of that extra work.

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