Intoxicated Man Runs a $1,600 Uber Tab After Asking Driver to Take Him Home

Uber might just be one of the most popular cab services but, it would seem that drivers sometimes have direction problems. Last week, after attending an alcohol-imbibed party at a campus fraternity location, an intoxicated ended up at home, rather than his dorm. At the end of his trip, the man felt compelled to pay his $1,600 Uber tab.

Uber Cab Drives Intoxicated Man from West Virginia to New Jersey

Kenneth Bachman is a Sewell resident and a student of the West Virginia University. According to the man’s claims, he rode almost half of the night in an Uber cab from West Virginia to his home in Gloucester County, New Jersey, without the driver even asking once about the destination.

The last thing Bachman recalls is attending a fraternity party hosted in an on-campus location. He also mentioned that he spent most of the day consuming alcohol before attending the party. Once there, the man ordered even more drinks.

The last thing Bachman remembers before blacking out is that he wanted to go to the dorm and, being tipsy, he decided to order an Uber ride. To his misfortune, the cab that went to pick him up was the more expensive UberXL.

After entering the car, Bachman told the driver to get him home before dozing off. He was later awakened by an elderly gentleman who told him that they’ve arrived at the destination. Bachman had the shock of his life when he saw that the cab’s meter showed $1.635.93 and that the cab was standing in front of his New Jersey house instead of the dorm.


The man had no choice but to pay his fare and move on. Still, Bachman was intrigued by the fact that the driver never bothered to ask him if he’s sure about the destination.

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