iOS 11 Has Emergency Button Which Disables Touch ID

It seems like Apple is planning to help its users in the unwanted case of an emergency. This is why the iOS 11 will now have a special setting which will temporarily disable Touch ID. Also, this new option will allow users to call the emergency number 911 if they tap the power button of the device quickly five times. This is a nice addition which could prove very useful in many cases, especially in the world we live nowadays. The iOS 11 will most probably become available to every Apple device owner next month. Also, there is a public beta which those curious can test now.

An emergency setting

Users should know before using this new option that it will not automatically call 911 if you tap the button five times. Instead, it will only show you the option to do so and temporarily disable Touch ID. The user will then need to introduce the passcode in order to unlock the phone. The first who discovered this new setting were some passionate Twitter users. They stumbled upon it while they were testing the public beta.

Until now it was an ordeal to disable Touch ID. You had to restart your device, then wait, sometimes even for a few days, until the phone was asking for the passcode. After that, you had to use your other fingers in order to make the device lock out. The other way to disable it was to go to the phone’s settings and do it from there. It seems like this new setting is far more efficient and could prove useful in emergency situations. If an attacker forces you to unlock your device, they will be disappointed.

Disabling Touch ID

It’s interesting the law enforcement officials had to deal many times with cases involving the unlocking of a phone. Recently, in Michigan, they needed to make a 3D-print of a victim’s fingerprint in order to get into their phone. This new setting will prevent phones from being unlocked in dubious situations, at least until someone introduces a pass code. Also, the new option might become even more important if Apple will introduce face unlocking with their next iPhone device. Those interested will be able to test the new option next month, when the iOS 11 will become available.

Image source: pixabay

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