Neighbors Mistake Jack Daniel’s Flag for ISIS Banner

It’s not unusual to see a Jack Daniel’s flag hanging over most frat houses in the United States. They do it for fun and maybe because the famous whisky brand is representative for their lifestyle. However, not everyone is happy with this behavior, as a young man from Zurich recently found out. The 29-year old thought it would be fun to hang the flag over the roof of his apartment building. So, he did. Unfortunately, his neighbors immediately noticed it and mistook it for the flag of ISIS which looks a bit similar.

It seems like the young man had recently moved into a new apartment in town, along with his girlfriend. Immediately after, he hung the Italian flag over the apartment building because he is of Italian descent. But if he thought that was fun, hanging the Jack Daniel’s flag proved to be a very bad idea. Nobody can blame the man for liking whisky and not being afraid to show it, but that flag got him in a little bit of trouble.

Jack Daniel’s flag mistook for ISIS flag

It seems like not long after he hung the flag, one (and then many) of his neighbors saw it and mistook it for the ISIS banner. While it’s true that the flags don’t have much in common apart from the color with white letters, when viewed from behind, it can certainly trick someone. After a while, the young man says that he found a letter in his mailbox. An extremely frightened neighbor was telling him to explain the presence of that flag. The neighbor was also saying that they were planning to put the man under observation.

The man quickly became worried because it was clear that his neighbors were spying on him. Also, that they may hand him over to the police for being a supposed terrorist sympathizer. It seems like that neighbor never came out to say he wrote the letter.

A bizarre situation

According to the 29-year old, when he finds out, he is planning to pursue legal action. Also, he is reportedly not going to take down that flag. The neighbors should observe that flag more carefully and see that it’s not the ISIS one, but a Jack Daniel’s one, hung there by a whiskey lover.

Image source: flickr

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