Jeff Bezos Greenlights the 10,000-Year Underground Clock Project

Jeff Bezos
Jeff Bezos said that the underground 10,000 Years clock will be ready in a couple of years and will cost $42 million.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder, and CEO, recently greenlighted Danny Hillis’ 10,000 Year clock project. According to Bezos, the massive timekeeper will be constructed deep underground and will cost approximately $42 million.

Underground Clock Considered by Jeff Bezos a Civilizational Wonder

As we’re living under the shadow of affordable space travel, Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s owner, has declared that it’s high time humankind leave its impression upon this planet. Bezos’ dream of a renewed age of wonders began shortly after Amazon acquired Blue Origin, an aerospace company whose goal aligned with those of Amazon’s CEO.

Although affordable space travel is still an elusive dream, Blue Origin is ready to send the first tourists in space by using reusable space vehicles, constructed with low-cost components.

Spate travel aside, it would appear that Bezos’ interests in Earth’s future have diversified, a fact proved by the man’s decision of greenlighting the massive underground clock project, a monumental construction that will bear witness to humankind’s accomplishments.

Danny Hillis, the mastermind behind the so-called 10,000 Years clock, declared during a press conference that Jeff Bezos took an interest in his project several years ago and had financially supported his vision ever since.

According to the plans, the clock will be installed under a West Texas mountain and will be approximately 500 feet tall. Moreover, the gargantuan clock will be powered via thermal cycles, being engineered to synchronized at noon.


Once finished, mountain clock, which will be quite close to Bezos’ Texas ranch, will emit a low chime each year, its main hand will move after a century has passed, and a cuckoo will come out after a millennium.

Jeff Bezos declared that the project would cost roughly $42 million and once it’s finished, it will be opened to all those interested in outstanding feats of engineering.

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