Jeff Jones, Uber’s President Of Just 6 Months, Is Leaving

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Jeff Jones, the Uber president, will be leaving the ride-hailing company.

Rumors started flying over the weekend about a new change within Uber. According to media reports, Jeff Jones, the company president, was planning on leaving. Now, the news was confirmed through statements from both Uber and Jones himself.

Jeff Jones Was The Uber President For 6 Months

Jeff Jones joined the Uber team in late 2016. He took over the president role from Ryan Graves. This latter held a number of positions within the company. Initially its CEO, Graves is now a board member and head of Uber Everything, the company’s delivery business.

The decision to hire Jones was presented as quite an achievement. This joined Uber after leaving his CMO position within Target. However, things have not been going so well for the ride-hailing service.

Over the past weeks, Uber has been hit by quite a series of scandals. These targeted both the company’s public image as well as their financial and commercial services. At the beginning of the year, Uber was hit by the #DeleteUber campaign as people considered that the company was taking advantage of the country’s socio-political instabilities.

Then, Uber was faced with sexual harassment allegations which once again flared the previous campaign. These were then followed by a leaked video concerning Travis Kalanick. Uber’s CEO admitted his mistake and declared that he will be looking to fix the situation. As such, Kalanick stated that he will be looking to hire a chief operating officer. Ideally, this would help get the company back on track.

Since then, Uber was also hit by a lawsuit initiated by Waymo. The Alphabet self-driving vehicles unit claims that the company stole and is using trade secrets. Now, the ride-hailing service is also losing its second in charge.

Jeff Jones Is Seemingly Leaving Because Of The Recent Scandals

The aforementioned issues also seem to be the reason behind the latest leave from Uber. News about Jones’s departure initially started out as rumors. However, these were later confirmed by both the company and the man himself. This latter also revealed some of the reason behind his decision.

These were expressed in a statement sent to a media source. According to this release, Jones joined Uber because of its “Mission”. Also, he was looking forward to the challenge of building the company’s global capabilities and its quest to mature and thrive on the long-term.

Jeff Jones states that “It is now clear, however, that the beliefs and approach to leadership that have guided my career are inconsistent with what I saw and experienced at Uber, […]”

These have been presented as his motives behind leaving the company and his president role. Nonetheless, Jones did state that there “thousands of amazing people in the company”. To them, he transmits his best wishes.

Uber confirmed the departure through a simple statement. In it, the company thanked Jones for the 6 months he spent with Uber and wishes him the best. Travis Kalanick, the CEO, also sent a letter to the Uber staff. In it, he announces Jones’s decision and the interim executive positions until the company hires a COO.

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