JPMorgan Chase to Move to Brand New 70-Story Glass Building

JPMorgan Chase.
JPMorgan Chase to demolish existing headquarters for a 70-story modern skyscraper, designed to accommodate 15,000 employees.

A JPMorgan Chase spokesperson announced that the New York-based banking giant plans to move its headquarters to a brand new 70-story energy-friendly glass building. The megalith will occupy approximately 2.5 million square-feet and, once it’s completed, it will be able to house approximately 15,000 JPMorgan Chase employees.

JPMorgan Chase Skyscraper Construction to Commence in 2019

Jamie Dimon, the company’s CEO, and chairman announced during a recent press conference that JPMorgan Chase’s existing 270 Park Avenue headquarters would be demolished with a 70-story high modern skyscraper taking its place.

The zoning plans for the company’s projects have been approved by the Manhattan municipality back in 2017. According to Dimon, once completed, the bank’s new headquarters will be an engineering and architectural marvel, not to mention the tallest building in downtown Manhattan.

At the moment, JPMorgan Chase’s historical headquarters has a mere 52 stories and is currently housing more than 6,000 workers despite being designed to accommodate 3,500 employees.

The company’s new headquarters will be updated to the latest energy conservation, and green specification and, during the construction, which is scheduled to commence in 2019, over 8,000 jobs will become available.

According to Dimon, the construction of the JPMorgan Chase 70-stories high skyscraper will take roughly five years to complete. In the interim, the company will lease office spaces from the nearby building owners to serve as temporary quarters for the staff pending the completion of the tower.

Upon completion, JPMorgan Chase’s impressive glass headquarters will be capable of housing approximately 15,000 employees. Bill de Blasio, the Mayor of New York City, praised the company’s rezoning initiative and commented that the building will not only be a marvel carved in glass and steel but will also provide unique employment opportunities for New Yorkers who are currently searching for a workplace.

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