KFC to Stop Using Chicken Pumped with Antibiotics

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KFC announced that by 2018 there won’t be a single crispy strip made out of chickens fed with antibiotics. The plan comes after the fast-food chain was accused of contributing to the global spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

KFC Owns 4,200 Restaurants in the US, Alone

It’s easy to understand why the medical community blamed Kentucky Fried Chicken for being a principal contributor to the increasing antibiotic resistance trend. With over 4,200 restaurants in the United States, alone, KFC has sold trillions of pounds of chicken products pumped with antibiotics, increasing germs’ tolerance to the medication.

KFC just announced that it is going to implement a new protocol that will bring antibiotic-free chicken to its over 18,800 locations throughout the world by the end of 2018. Spreading across 118 countries, the franchise has set a nearly impossible goal for itself.

“We share the public’s concern about … antimicrobial resistance,” Kevin Hochman, president of the KFC US division declared.

The Antibiotics-Free Chicken Will Not Come with Higher Prices

According to the fast-food company, customers will not notice the difference – cost wise, that is. It seems like the transition will come with only a few additional costs that the company will be able to absorb, therefore sparing fried chicken aficionados from spending more money on their favorite dishes.

The change may not be disastrous from a financial point of view, but the fast-food chain will have to bend overboard to make sure it will have enough suppliers of organic chicken that will meet the standard size requirements.

By transitioning to organic, farm-raised chickens, KFC will help support small business. The company is already collaborating with over 2,000 family-owned farms to start implementing the new antibiotic-free on-the-bone chicken.

Vijay Sukumar, the chief officer of the food innovation division for KFC US, declared that the company has been working non-stop to find a way to extend the antibiotic-free option to the boneless chicken menu choices. To this extent, Kentucky Fried Chicken collaborated with the USDA to make sure that all chicken suppliers meet the new criteria.

Re-Colonelization Comes With Better, Healthier Chicken

As everybody knows, the secret KFC recipe was devised and used by Colonel Saunders. In time, the franchise decided to give up on using organic farm-raised chicken in order to keep up with the ever-growing popularity of the fast-food restaurants.

Now, KFC is going through a re-Colonelization process that presumes a return to the old recipe: only the best ingredients.

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