KFC UK Faces Backlashes After 900 Restaurants Ran Out of Chicken

Over 900 KFC UK restaurants closed down due to chicken shortage.

The UK branch of world-renowned Kentucky Fried Chicken might face a public backlash after 900 restaurants across the country ran out of chicken supplies. In a public statement, a KFC spokesperson declared that the company is breaking in a new shipping company and that complications were expected along the way.

KFC Forfeits Bidvest Contract, strikes a deal with DHL

In an attempt to optimize the logistical chain, last week KFC decided to rescind the contract with Bidvest, a South Africa-based shipping company and to strike a deal with DHL. Until the DHL deal, Bidvest was in charge of delivering chicken-based products to KFC restaurants around the world, UK included.

A company spokesperson declared that the company is having issues ‘breaking in’ the new shipping company, as they have yet to fluidize distribution chain. The consequence of changing distributors translates into deliveries not arriving in time, forcing the franchise to put on hold several hundreds of food-serving locals.

Recently, KFC was forced to close down over 900 restaurants across The United Kingdom, out of which several hundred ran on a short schedule. The same representative stated that this an issue that goes far beyond shipping, the new distribution network software being equally at fault.

However, the company has promised that these issues are only temporary and that normal operation will resume as soon as possible. Meanwhile, the UK branch might face public backlash which often translates into decreased revue and in customers losing trust in the brand.


Several customers who were forced to endure endless cues for their dinner took to Twitter and other social media channels to express their irritation towards restaurants closing down or not having enough stock in order to prepare their favorite dishes.

Following the incident, KFC posted an official letter of apology on its Twitter account.

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