KFC Is Planning to Test a Vegetarian Chicken Recipe in UK Stores

KFC is planning a daring move for 2019, as it is reportedly going to test a recipe of vegetarian chicken in UK stores. The popular fast food chain has declared this is an attempt to convince people to eat healthier. At the moment, this project is still at the beginning. This means the company hasn’t decided what ingredients to use but, most likely, they will remain a secret.

This is an attempt to make people eat healthier

KFC is really thinking about the well-being of its customers, so it decided to come up with more healthy options. The new addition on the menu will be vegetarian chicken, and it should come out in 2019. However, not all stores will benefit from it, since UK is the only country where the new recipe should be tested.

At the moment, vegetarian chicken is only a prototype. The company is currently debating on the possible recipes it can use, but its choices will stay secret. However, it has already determined it will use the same 11 spices present in its regular chicken recipes. This means you’ll eat a healthier version that tastes just like real chicken.

The company is not ready to make the same move in US

It’s great that KFC cares about the health of its customers. However, it’s not the first time when the company takes such initiatives. In 2006, in US, KFC abandoned the dangerous fatty acids in favor of soy bean oil with lower quantities of fat. Now, it moved on to vegetarian chicken and it’s also planning to reduce the number of calories per portion.

UK customers are used to eating vegetarian chicken, as they can buy it from the fast food chain Temple of Seitan. However, the US market might not be ready for this. Therefore, KFC has declared it’s not going to test the recipe in the US, as it might not be the smartest marketing move.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

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