Kidde Orders Massive Recall for Defective Smoke Alarms

Kidde, the fire suppression and detection company whose history dates back to the early 20th century, has recently announced a massive recall of two models of smoke alarms, manufactured between September and October 2016. The company’s spokesperson declared that these models might have defective smoke sensors.

Kidde To Reimburse or Replace Defective Smoke Alarms, US Consumer Product Safety Commission Declared

Last week, Kidde, the division of United Technologies Corporation, announced a massive recall for two models of smoke alarms. According to the statements of a Kidde spokesperson, the models from series PI2010 and PI9010 might present a manufacturing defect that could render them useless in the early detection of a house fire.

More specifically, the company, backed up by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, noted that the devices belonging to the above-mentioned family, have a yellow cap that prevents smoke from reaching the sensors.

Although no complaints have been filed so far pertaining to defective units, Kidde has ordered a voluntary recall of all PI2010 and PO9010 models, manufactured between the 10th of September and the 13th of October.

To aid homeowners recognize these models, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has released the following instruction. Homeowners are to look at the front part of the product for the Kidde brand and then turn over the product in order to find the product’s model and its serial number.

If the smoke alarms have these series, the homeowner should look on its side, and check for a yellow cap between the opening. The Commission stated that if the homeowner sees the yellow cap, he or she should call Kidde in order to have the product replaced or the money reimbursed and should not attempt to take apart the device.

According to the official estimates, the voluntary recall targets 452,000 units sold in various physical and online stores such as Walmart, The Home Depot, Menards, Amazon, and

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