What Kind of Christmas Tree Will You Choose?

Christmas tree plantation
What kind of Christmas tree will you choose this year?

With Christmas just around the corner, you should be thinking about what kind of Christmas tree you want to buy this year. Although most of you would say that choosing the perfect Christmas tree is not rocket science because all of them are the same, a couple of tree farms from the United States have proved that nothing can be further away from the truth.

Christmas tree farms such as House Beautiful, Battaglia Christmas Tree Farm, and Jack Keilman trees are now offering Christmas trees alternatives. Are you bored with the evergreen color of the tree? Then you should definitely choose something more extravagant.

The farms listed above sell brightly-colored Christmas trees with nuances which can vary from light blue, all the way to fuchsia and deep purple. To offer the trees such an extravagant aspect, the companies uses a special dye which can only be applied when the temperature outside is 40 degrees.

So, if you want to have a memorable Christmas, we strongly encourage you to ditch the boring evergreen nuance and go instead with a color that reflects your personality.

On the topic of buying out the perfect Christmas tree, we wish to seize this opportunity to talk about something which greatly concerns the environment. Have you ever considered buying a plastic Christmas tree instead of a natural one?

We know that it’s just not the same thing – it doesn’t smell like pine in the house, it doesn’t have the same texture, and it doesn’t give out that piney glow when you decorate it. However, do keep in mind that each year, countless of pine trees and others are cut down, only to wither away in someone’s home for a month or so.

Plastic Christmas trees aren’t just eco-friendly, but they’re also aesthetically pleasing.  In fact, if you take a quick stroll through Walmart’s Christmas decoration aisles you will see that some plastic trees look more natural than the actual product.

They’re very light and can be assembled in less than two hours. And, if you really want your tree to smell like authentic pine, you could always head over to your local gas station and buy some pine-shaped car fresheners.

Now, with these small things in mind, we wish you a happy and eco-friendly Christmas.

Image source: Wikipedia

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