Kroger To Cease Selling Guns to Anyone Under 21

Kroger-owned Fred Meyers stores have recently announced that the company will no longer be able to sell handguns and assault-style rifle to anyone under 21 years of age. Following the Florida shooting, when 17 teachers and students died after a former student opened fire, Kroger has decided to alter its selling policies in order to keep up with the nation’s standard of gun control. The rule will apply to all Fred Meyers store and the company will also stop making deliveries to Alaska.

Will Stricter Gun Policies Affect Sales at Kroger Stores?

According to a Kroger spokesperson, starting this month, sales representatives of Fred Meyers stores won’t be allowed to sell any type of firearm to persons under 21. The announcement came shortly after several major gun retailers such as Walmart and Dick’s Sporting Goods declared a nation-wide ban on handguns and assault rifles for customers who can’t prove that they are 21 or older.

Kroger’s renewed gun policy might be a hard pill to swallow especially to those who rally under the no-stricter-gun-control-policy, but, according to the same spokesperson, it might be a necessary evil in order to prevent tragedies such as the Florida high school shooting.

Political analysts tend to agree that companies such as Kroger, Walmart, Dick’s Sporting Good’s Good enforcing stricter buying policy might have the opposite effect (increase gun sale). For the moment, the company’s board has only reviewed the age of sale policy but imposed no limitations as to what kind of firearms clients can buy.

For example, after the Florida incident, many weapon retailers have stopped selling assault rifles, despite clients being able to present the proper credentials. Will this change of policy affect sales? Perhaps, but only time with tell.

Meanwhile, the company has also announced that it will also stop making special deliveries to Alaska, even though the state doesn’t observe strict gun purchase policies.

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