Levi to Spearhead Fashion Revolution with Laser-Made Jeans

Despite Levi’s approach to jeans made in a more traditional matter, the company has recently announced a new eco-friendly jeans-making concept. Based on high-powered lasers, the project will not only the time needed to make an individual pair of jeans but will also cut down on the hazardous compounds used in the process.

Laser Manufacturing to be Standard Levi Strauss Procedure By 2020

Last week, Levi, one of the oldest jeans manufacturer in the United States, announced that the company would very likely discontinue using traditional manufacturing methods and, instead, opting for one which is quicker, less costly, and eco-friendlier.

Dubbed Project F.L.X, short for future-led execution, its goal is to reduce the number of toxic chemicals Levy uses in order to create its landmark products, vintage jeans included. The project is entirely based on high-powered lasers, which will be used to make creases, fashion rips, and various other types of creases.

According to a Levi spokesperson, the concept of distressed jeans (garments that look worn, even though they’re new) were the results of thousands of hours of experimentations, some of them involving hazardous materials.

And with every company out there looking to make things as eco-friendly as possible, Levi has decided that this is one of those occasions where you must go with the flow. Although the project sounds good on paper, it will take some time before all Levi Strauss manufactories will ditch manual techniques and chemicals.

The Levi Strauss spokesperson revealed that the entire production line would be aligned with the new standards in 2020. With Project F.L.X in place, Levi Strauss will be able to produce the same pair of vintage jeans at half the cost and using less toxic substances.

If you’re interested in learning more about Levi’s laser-based technology, you can check out the project’s presentational YouTube video.

Image source: Flickr

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