Lidl to Open 20 Stores in the USA

After two years of preparing the battlefield, German supermarket chain Lidl will finally try its luck on the United States market as well. On June 15, it is going to open the first 20 stores, after it already opened distribution centers in Virginia, North Carolina and Maryland. By the summer of 2018, the company is planning to open about 100 stores all over the country.

Lidl’s success in Europe

Until now, Lidl has been present in 27 countries, all over Europe. According to experts and clients alike, the company’s success lies in the way it knows how to reduce costs while also providing the best selection of fresh food. Providing meat, vegetables, bakery and even household products at a relatively low price has been key to their business. Also, Lidl has a low-cost approach when it comes to operating its stores. For example, it displays the groceries directly in boxes and does not provide shopping bags. Also, the stores have a nice selection of non-food products that changes each week. So, there is a high level of diversity there. Many people have said that you never know what you are going to find when you are going to a Lidl store. So, maybe this is another way to market dominance.

Lidl will open those first 20 stores in North Carolina, United States. More will probably arrive in the Maryland area and the neighboring states. At a recent meeting in New York, the company presented a selection of their fine foods which celebrity-chef Amanda Freitag prepared. The stores will also sell an impressive collection of wines. As for the size of the stores, they will be about 36,000 square feet in size with 20,000 square feet of selling space. Also, each store needs an adequately large parking spot. The company is hoping to hire about 5,000 employees by next year.

Lidl is coming to the United States

People in the United States are reportedly very excited about Lidl making its way across the Atlantic. However, some are worried that the competition might trigger some kind of price war. Especially from Lidl’s direct competitors like Walmart, Target, or Giant. It is worth noting that many such markets have already reduced their prices while waiting for Lidl stores to open. We’ll see if the company can replicate the same success it’s had Europe  over in the United States.

Image source: wikimedia

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