Most Livable Cities in the World in 2017

It seems like for the seventh year in a row, Melbourne, Australia, is the most livable one in the entire world. This is according to a yearly ranking done by the Economist Intelligence Unit. Melbourne is probably the best city to live in. It reportedly got a score of 97.5 out of 100. It’s important to note that this ranking takes into account important things like healthcare, education, environment, stability and even infrastructure. The team then analyzes this criteria in about 140 cities from all over the world and establishes a top ten.

Most livable cities in 2017

The second place in this ranking is occupied by the capital of Austria, Vienna. It received a score of 97.4, followed closely behind by Vancouver in Canada, which received 97.3. It’s interesting that all three cities maintained their respective places in the ranking as last year. This only proves the stability that is present there, making those cities even more worthy of their leading spots.

It’s also worth noting that while there haven’t been major changes in the top spots of the ranking, there are some at the middle and bottom. For example, Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital, is now on spot 37, after being on 50 last year. It appears like this significant jump is due to an increase in tourism and some redeveloping projects. Amsterdam has also registered a jump and it’s now on the 18th place.

As for Stockholm and Manchester, they dropped a few spots mainly because of the deadly terrorist attacks that have taken place. Manchester is now on 51, while Stockholm is on 26. Over the last years, both cities were much higher on this list. However, it seems like the results of this year’s ranking are positive because 12 cities have seen improvements, while only 6 have seen declines.

Some climbed up, some climbed down

The editor of this research has said that it may not seem like much, but the fact that these cities improved proves that there is a higher livability in the world too. The bottom of the list was made up almost exclusively of cities where war has struck. For example, Damascus, Tripoli and Lagos. Most of the cities in the top ten were from either Australia or Canada among them being Perth, Adelaide, Toronto or Calgary.

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