Boyert Shooting Center to Counter Dick’s Sporting Goods AR Ban with Humorous Sign

Following Dick’s Sporting Goods and Walmart decision to stop selling AR-style rifles to anyone, regardless of age or credentials, many detractors have claimed that this move will do nothing of consequence in preventing a mass shooting. A local gun store from Texas has one of the most peculiar ways to protest against this decision – by using humor.

Boyert Shooting Center with Humorous Sign Gains Attention

Recently, the Boyert Shooting Center, a small Texas-based gun-selling establishment managed to gain attention after posting a rather humorous message in response to Dick’s Sporting Goods’ decision to prohibit the sale of assault rifles.

In front of the shooting center, the owner posted the message “We’re Not all Dicks (sic!). We Still sell AR’s”. Of course, as you would imagine, the displaced apostrophe at the end of the message was intentional, this being the company’s unique way of protesting Dick’s Sporting Goods’ rash decision.

Representing the Boyert Shooting Center, Travis Clark, the general manager, declared that the humorous sign was well received by the customers who thought to be appropriate and perfectly mirroring the country’s economic, political, and social changes following the Florida high school mass shooting.

Boyert Shooting Center’s general manager also added that Boyert Shooting Center would continue selling firearms, including assault-style rifles, to anyone who has a valid identification card. Furthermore, the company intends to do more than that, as Clark revealed.

Apart from its decision to sell ARs, Boyert Shoot Center will also get more involved in customers’ education which includes weapons’ training and safety courses. The company also offers various facilities to military personnel and law enforcement officers who are allowed to use the Boyert’s shooting range free of charge.

At the moment, Dick’s Sporting Goods is trying to wrestle its way out a civil lawsuit filed by a 20-year-old man from Oregon who wasn’t allowed to buy weapons, despite state law claiming otherwise.

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