Lockheed Martin Wins Multi-Million Super Silent Commercial Jet Contract from NASA

On Tuesday, a Lockheed Martin spokesperson declared that the company managed to secure a $247.5-million contract from NASA to construct the world’s first ultra-silent commercial supersonic jet. According to the company, the jet, which already passed the wind tunnel test, will be ferrying its first passenger in 2021.

Lockheed Martin Says Next-Gen Jet Will Have a Top Speed of 1.5 Mach

Considered one of US Military’s largest jet contractor, it would appear that Lockheed Martin Corporation has recently expressed its interest in commercial aircraft.

This Tuesday, a spokesperson for the Bethesda-based company, announced that Lockheed Martin had won a multi-million dollar ($247.5 million, to be exact) contract from NASA which intends to revolutionize commercial flight.

According to the said contract, Lockheed Martin Corporation is tasked with designing and creating a supersonic jet that could transport passengers faster than conventional jets. However, the contract has one caveat – Lockheed Martin’s supersonic jet must be as silent as the grave, meaning that the engineers must come with a way to compensate for the so-called sonic boom.

Note that this is not the first attempt to introduce jet flying at above the speed of sound too commercial airlines. In 1976, a French-British coalition created the Concorde, a supersonic plane that could whisk passengers around the world much faster than other planes.

However, the Concorde was retired in 2003, since the noise it emitted was far above the threshold.

Daunting as the task is, Lockheed Martin not only said that hey will gladly tackle this task but that they’ve already come up with a prototype that passed the wind tunnel. Based on their predictions, the aircraft will reach a top speed of 1,600 km per hour and be even quieter than the existing jets.

If all goes according to plan, Lockheed and NASA expect the first jet to start carrying passengers as soon as 2021.

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