Lyft to Apply for Electric Scooter Permit in San Francisco

Ride-sharing company Lyft has recently decided to apply for one of the five electric scooter permits. If approved, Lyft will become the fourth company allowed to rent scooters in San Francisco after Spin, LimeBikes, and Bird.

Lyft To Launch its Own E-Scooter Network

Earlier this week, a San Francisco news outlet published a report on Lyft’s decision to enter the dockless electric scooter market.

As a result, the company has applied for an e-scooter permit. Although a company’s representative could not be reached to confirm the rumor, Lyft’s decision to go green is great to stay ahead of Uber, its primary competitor.

We should keep in mind that Lyft’s e-scoter debut might not be smooth sailing, considering that many San Francisco residents have voiced their concerns regarding the issue.

We can easily recall last month’s incidents involving vandalized scooters.

In hindsight, a network of pay-and-go scooters should have done wonders for a city strangled by traffic. However, experience says otherwise.

According to various social media-born groups, electric scooters quickly became a public nuisance on account of riders leaving them on the sidewalk or even in the street. In some cases, opposing groups went as far as cutting electric cables or putting feces on electric scooters.

Since the ‘uprising, San Francisco officials made it harder for new companies to apply for a permit.


Should Lyft’s application be greenlighted, the San Francisco-based ride-sharing company will be allowed to keep a fleet of 500 electric scooters in the street.

Furthermore, if everything goes according to plan, Lyft has a chance to become the fourth company allowed to rent scooters in the city, along with Bird, LimeBikes, and Spin.

Still, obtaining an SFTMA permit is only the first step. After that, Lyft will have to run a mandatory one-year pilot program.

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