Lyft to Team Up with Canadian-based Tech Company to Develop Self-Driving Vehicles

Lyft co-founder recently announced that the company had secured a multi-year partnership with Magna, a Canadian-based tech company. The team aims to develop a self-driving vehicle capable of taking the load off drivers signed up with Lyft and get a foothold in the drive-sharing market.

Lyft and Magna to Share Self-Driving Concept with Other Companies

On Wednesday, Logan Green, the co-founder of ride-sharing Lyft, declared that the company would join forces with car parts manufacturer Magna in order to develop a self-driving car capable of taking the place of human drivers.

As part of the deal, Magna will be required to invest at least $200 million in the company. Green believes that this partnership will greatly help Lyft take up a greater market segment and gain momentum in front of Uber.

Although at the beginning of this year Lyft announced a partnership with Uber which should target the missed-doctor-appointment customers, it would appear that the company is now hatching its own plans.

Self-driving cars have recently become more popular with many companies in the market researching ways to eliminate the need for a human driver. Despite self-driving vehicles being involved in various traffic accidents, companies like Lyft, Tesla, and even Google, believe that there’s always room for improvement and that these autonomous jewels and be taught to avoid accidents.

No official timeline has been announced for the Lyft-Magna self-driving prototype but according to Green’s statements, the car, whose design and manufacturing will befall on Magna, is going to replace a great number of human drivers.


Lyft’s intention of automatizing its ride-sharing network might also be aided by Stanford’s LIDAR-based navigation system that makes self-driving vehicles aware of road dangers even if they are hidden around the corner.

Note that this is not the first time Lyft attempted to swap its human-driven vehicles with smart cars. Back in 2016, the company partnered with General Motors in order to outfit a Chevy Bolt with self-driving technology.

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