Man Kicked Off Delta Air Lines Plane After Bathroom Emergency

Delta Air Lines plane
Delta Air Lines kicked off a passenger from one of their flights to Milwaukee

A passenger from Milwaukee was kicked off a flight from the Delta Air Lines company after a bathroom emergency. As the plane was waiting for a spot for takeoff, the man used the bathroom even though a flight attendant warned him not to do it. Then, he had to be removed from the flight.

On April 18th, Kima Hamilton was aboard a flight from Atlanta to Milwaukee. The plane had been on the tarmac for an hour and waited for takeoff, when the man suddenly felt the urgent need to use the bathroom.

A flight attendant told Hamilton that they would lose the spot for takeoff if he chose to use the bathroom but, after waiting for so long, he could no longer wait. Thus, the pilots announced that they would be returning to the gate, because they had to remove a passenger from the flight.

The man was kicked off the plane in quite a cordial manner

Other people on the plane recorded the entire incident and then made it public. Two agents from Delta Air Lines came and tried to convince Hamilton to give up his seat and get off the plane. At first, he disagreed, and explained to the agents why he could not abandon the flight.

Hamilton is an artist from Milwaukee and he is working at a school. The next day, he was about to go on a field trip, so he had to get back to his home immediately. However, the flight company did not abandon the man in Atlanta.

Other passengers disagree with Delta Air Lines’ action

When he got off the plane, two FBI agents were waiting for him, who escorted him away from the boarding area. Delta Air Line offered the man a refund, but he complained that he had to book a different flight. He had to pay three times the refund for a flight from a different company, Southwest Airlines.

Those who recorded the whole moment posted it online, and many of them offered their opinions on the matter. Many disagreed with the action performed by the flight company, as the man was a customer who paid for their services. Thus, they should have treated him accordingly and not forget that people have needs which should be satisfied.

This is not the only incident concerning passengers being kicked off flights. A doctor from Kentucky was removed against his will from a flight of the United company, and a flight attendant from American Airlines grabbed a stroller from a woman’s hands while she held her baby.
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

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