Man Becomes Stuck in ATM, Asks for Help through Notes

There have been all kinds of unusual stories involving ATMs over the years, apart from the rather common money and cards theft. However, on Wednesday, an ATM in Corpus Christi, Texas, held a much larger and more important charge than money. Many clients used it during that day to withdraw their money. However, only some had the “luck” of seeing a handwritten “help me” note coming out of the machine’s receipt slot at certain points. The note was the same each time. Someone was requesting help because they became stuck inside the machine. The person had also written their boss’ number on the note and was asking people to call him.

Stuck in an ATM

Most of the people passing by immediately though that it must have been a prank of some sorts. People just don’t become trapped inside ATMs. So, they walked away leaving the person there who still insisted that it was all real and that they were stuck in there. The contractor started losing his hope after so many people left him in there. Fortunately, after over two hours, someone understood that it was not a prank and helped him. That person called the authorities but the only problem was that they too believed it was all a joke. Still, the procedure forces them to go to the scene of the emergency, so they did.

They were extremely surprised that when they got where the ATM was they could hear a voice calling for them from within. Corpus Christi Police Officer Richard Olden said that nobody had expected this unusual case to actually be real. Fortunately, the man inside managed to convince them that he was not joking. Also, that they needed to get him out of there.

A real story

The contractor explained that it all began after he realized that he had locked himself inside a room. That was actually connected to the ATM. He was reportedly there to only change the lock at the door. Bad luck struck again when he forgot to take his phone with him, so he wasn’t able to ask for help. The authorities destroyed the door in order to free the man. Olden admitted that it was a case they don’t see every day. Fortunately, everybody was fine and the man went home.

Image source: pixabay

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