McCafe Drinks to Hit Supermarket Shelves

It seems like the McCafe gourmet coffee has become so popular that you are going to see it on every shelf on every supermarket, by the early part of next year. The news arrived after on Wednesday, McDonalds officially announced the company’s partnership with Coca-Cola. This deal will allow them to sell bottled Frappe coffee in stores, starting early next year. The beverages will come in three different flavors: vanilla, caramel and mocha. It’s interesting that those bottled drinks are not the only McCafe products to extend into grocery stores shelves. People should know that their single-serve coffee, whole bean and ground coffee are already available in stores in the entire country.

McCafe frappes on every shelf

McDonals is not the only big company to push its products into supermarkets and grocery stores. Back in February, Dunkin Donuts announced its new line of bottled drinks. As for coffee giant Starbucks, it first began to bottle Frappuccino beverages back in 1996. However, all those initiatives do not come as a surprise for someone who has been following this segment. People have begun to buy those drinks. Consulting and research companies are saying that last year, the ready-to-drink category sold over $2.8 billion, the equivalent of more than 130 gallons.

Apart from this, McDonalds also said that it’s planning to expand the choice of coffee in restaurants. So, it will soon add Cappuccino, Americano and Caramel Macchiato. The president of McDonald’s USA, Chris Kempczinski, said that this is just the beginning of this expansion. Upon understanding the importance of a good and accessible coffee, the company decided that it was time to act. This is how this idea with the bottled coffee came to be. It’s very interesting that the very first such McCafe restaurant actually opened in Australia, back in 1993.

Fulfilling people’s needs

However, it seems like analysts are not entirely sure about the move to supermarkets. It works for a store concept, as McCafe is, but on the shelves of grocery stores, it may not have the same impact. Also, there’s the popularity problem. The coffee sold by McCafe is surely not as popular as the beverages from Starbucks, for example. Just ask a few people about their names and see how many actually know them. And this might be a big problem for McDonalds.

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