McDonald’s Celebrates Women’s Day with Flipped Logo and Special Merchandise

McDonald’s has decided to celebrate the International Women’s Day in an outlandish manner. As of Wednesday, all Lynwood McDonald’s inverted its logo, much to the bewilderment of clients who wanted to have a meal.

Over 100 McDonald’s Restaurants to Features Women’s Day Offers and Merch

On Thursday, Patricia Williams, a McDonald’s spokesperson, declared that come spring and, of course, the International Women’s Day, the restaurant has prepared tons of thematic surprises for all clients who come in for a meal.

At the moment, only 100 restaurants from California will feature Women’s Day merchandise which includes crew shirts, thematic packaging, and bag stuffers.

In addition to the merchandise, the company has prepared a very special surprise – for the first time in its history, the franchise will temporarily feature an inverted logo, with its arches pointing downwards instead of upwards as to signify ‘woman.’

In terms of dishes, as part of the International Women’s Day, all McDonald’s restaurant’s will be well stocked with the all new fresh burger patties, which seemed to have been well received since McDonald’s made the announcement, despite a couple of isolated incidents.

The company will also throw in its signature crafted burgers which features exotic ingredients such as guacamole paired with the fresh meat variety.

Lately, it would appear that McDonald’s has managed to attract even more customer especially after announcing that several restaurants will have the notorious Szechuan sauce, popularized by adult cartoon Rick and Morty.

Williams ended her statement by saying that the inverted logo and the thematic merchandise are considered a sign of appreciations for all the wonderful female employees, who toil day and night so that everyone can enjoy a quality meal.

McDonald’s logo will remain in this position until the end of the day. As for the International Women’s Day merchandise, the stock is limited.

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